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Welcome to!!
I started this web site to exhibit my art works, including illustration, comic stories, and everyday's art studies. The web site is still under construction has very small amount of contents for now, but I'll gradually fill it up with a lot of contents.
I'm glad if you enjoy my art works.

Project Updates

The Encyclopedia of Marine Beauties

The project, 'The Encylopedia of Marine Beuaties', is released at COMITIA 128 at Tokyo for the first time. It is imaginative depiction of various marine animals into the forms of beautiful girls.

Organic Compound - The Five Solvents

An action comic project, 'Organic Compound' was first released at Comic City convention at Fukuoka in 2018. The story of 'The Five Solvents' portays battle actions between soldiers who have superpower of 'chemicals'.
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