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DEMI (半) は、私のアーティストとしてのペンネームです.
I like drawing human figures, sci-fi themes from mechanical complex to exotic animal forms. I am working as an engineer in the other part of my life, and interested in science and technology.
I'm creating comic stories and illustrations from my imagination and something studied from science.


You can see my art and trivial talks in SNS. In either English or Japanese.


If you need some serious issue to talk, I will be able to prepare private email communication, but please first contact via any of my SNS accounts, shown above.

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About demimanga.com

I started this web site to exhibit my art works, including illustration, comic stories, and everyday's art studies. The web site has just launched and has very small amount of contents for now, but I'll gradually fill it up with a lot of contents.
I'm glad if you enjoy my art works.

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